Fiber Glass matertial suppliers in India

Fiber Glass matertial suppliers in India

Country: India
Location: Goa Condition: New
Model / Part No : Chopped Strand mats,woven rovings, Polyster Resins, Catalysts, Acceleratos, Gell coats
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We provide fiberglass raw materials in small as well as large quantities across any part in India.

Our material inventory includes fiberglass reinforcements, polyester resins, mold releases, pigments, fillers and much more. We can supply glass fiber chopped strand mats, Woven rovings mats, Gel coatings, Polyeter resins, etc.

We also can supply various tools needed in FRP manufacture like metal rollers,applicators brushes, resin containers,hand tools etc

If you have some other needs not listed above, we still may be able to get it for you!


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