Ships Sea Chest

Ships sea chest is a rectangular opening made in the hull of a ship. It is designed to provide inlet of sea water from which piping systems draw the sea water. Most sea chests are protected by removable gratings, and contain baffle plates to dampen the effects of vessel speed or sea state. The intake size of sea chests varies from less than 10 cm² to several square meters.
Sea chests are susceptible to infestation by mussels and other marine sea growth which may clog the intakes to the various piping systems thus decreasing the availability of sea water to the various machineries which can result in damage to engines and other equipment that need sea water for cooling.
This is contgrolled by coating the surfaces of the sea chest with anti fouling copper-based epoxy paint or hot-dip galvanizing.Periodic inspection and cleaning of sea chest and grating during dry docking helps in reducing these risks.



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