Ships Lifeboat



                                                 General Information Regarding Lifeboats 

1. Access into Lifeboats :

(a) Every passenger ship lifeboat shall be so arranged that it can be rapidly boarded by its full complement of persons. Rapid disembarkation shall also be possible.

(b) Every cargo ship lifeboat shall be so arranged that it can be boarded by its full complement of persons in not more than 3 minutes from the time the instruction to board is given. Rapid disembarkation must also be possible.

(c) Lifeboats shall have a boarding ladder that can be used on either side of the lifeboat to enable persons in the water to board. The lowest step of the ladder shall be not less than 0.4 m below the lifeboat's light waterline.

(d) The lifeboat shall be so arranged that helpless people can be brought on board either from the sea or on stretchers.

(e) All surfaces on which persons might walk shall have a non-skid finish.

2. Lifeboat Buoyancy :

All lifeboats shall have inherent buoyancy or shall be fitted with inherently buoyant material which shall not be adversely affected by seawater, oil or oil products, sufficient to float the lifeboat with all its equipment onboard when flooded and open to the sea. Additional inherent buoyancy material equal to 280 N of buoyant force per person shall be provided for the number of persons the lifeboat is permitted to accommodate. Buoyant material, unless in addition to that required above, shall not be installed external to the hull of the boat.

3. Lifeboat Freeboard and Stability :

All lifeboats, when loaded with 50 per cent of the number ofpersons the lifeboat is permitted to accommodate seated in their normal positions to one side of the centre line, shall have a freeboard measured from the waterline to the lowest opening through which the lifeboat may become flooded, of at least 1.5 per cent of the lifeboats length or 100 mm, whichever is the greater.

4. Lifeboat Markings :

A lifeboat should be permanently marked with the dimensions of the boat and the number of persons it is permitted to accommodate. The name and port of registry of the ship to which the lifeboat belongs shall be marked on each side of the lifeboat's bow in block capitals of the Roman alphabet. The mark for identifying the ship to which the boat belongs and the number of lifeboat shall be visible from above.




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