Real-time simulator to be installed by MARIN in its Huston Office

MARIN will install its newest simulator in its Houston office in October. For many years, Houston has been assisting in offshore engineering studies but now, with the arrival of the simulator, services will start to bridge the gap between engineering and operations.

The real-time simulator will have the latest simulation technology, "Dolphin", installed. And the configuration will resemble a vessel's bridge with a console, various controls and indicators and five large visual display channels giving operators full visual immersion.

Dolphin is capable of simulating a wide range of operational situations, such as FPSO tandem or side-by-side offloading. The simulation technology can be used to train operators in various environmental situations and at the same time it can play a valuable role in verifying concepts and conducting feasibility studies.

In line with MARIN's strategy to provide services from the initial concept or idea, all the way through to actual operations and even on-board advisory systems, the expansion of the Houston services is a promising and very interesting development.


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