Underwater repairs of propellers in afloat condition by Hydrex

Hydrex has reported that it has now developed a repair system that allows to carry out permanent underwater repairs to various types of propeller in dry conditions, while vessel is still afloat.

Hydrex R&D department has been continuously improving the underwater repair techniques over the years,to make it possible for Hydrex divers/technicians to perform permanent repairs on seals, thrusters, rudders and almost any other part of the underwater part of vessel without necessitating for the ship to go to drydock for underwater repair.

The new repair system developed, can carry out all kinds of repair or maintenance work to be carried out on propellers, twin propellers, variable pitch propellers, azipod and collapsible thrusters.

This new repair system can be transported by air transport to any location around the world from the Hydrex fast response centers within a very short time period. It can be assembled very quickly within a few hours at site.

With the implementation of the new developed technique, Hydrex diver/technicians can now perform permanent repairs to all parts of the underwater ship propulsion system in conditions just like a drydock, which is a very good news to Ship owners of supply vessels, navy ships or any other vessel under contract or on a location where there is non-availability of drydock facilities. By using the services of Hydrex for such underwater repairs will save attional drydocking costs and most importantly the time which can be utilised for keeping the vessel in operation without going to a dry dock.

(Source :www.hydrex.be)


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