PCG continues relief operation in Iloilo

(Photo courtesy of PCG)

The Philippine Coast Guard sent last Saturday, one of it's multi-role vessels, BRP DAVAO DEL NORTE (SARV-3504) in Iloilo to help in relief efforts. It aimed to extend help to the far flung islands greatly affected by Typhoon Yoland.

Coast Guard District Western Visayas Commander, COMMO ATHELO Y YBAÑEZ directed the crew to bring relief goods to islands and islets particularly in the northern part of Panay. Communications has been down for weeks since one of the worst storms to ever hit Philippines devastated most of the Central Visayas region.

The ship carried medicines, food, water, hygiene kits and used clothings which are highly needed by the surviving residents at this time.

COMMO YBAÑEZ ordered the vessel's commanding officer, LT NORIEL P RAMOS to conduct sorties in the municipalities of Ajuy, Concepcion, Estancia and Carles.

Initially, a 20 ton relief goods will be delivered on its first day after which further relief operations by the vessels will be scheduled regularly where and when needed.

According to COMMO YBAÑEZ, he had likewise directed that the vessel be utilized in the oil spill containment and recovery efforts in Estancia, Iloilo, after the relief operations sorties have been achieved.

(Mia Lapis-Nebre,News Agent-Manila)


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