What are the dimensions used to specify a Ship?


Length between perpendiculars (LPP) : Length between perpendiculars is the length of the distance measured between the fore perpendicular, i.e usually the vertical line through the Stem's intersection with the waterline (summer load waterline) and the after perpendicular which normally coincides with the rudder axis.


Length overall (LOA) : Length overall is the distance between the extreme points forward and aft measured parallel to the summer (or design) waterline. Forward the point may be on the raked stem or on a bulbous bow.


Length on the waterline (LWL) : The length on the waterline is the length on the waterline, at whichthe ship happens to be floating, between the intersections of the bow and after end with the waterline. If not otherwise stated the summer load (or design) waterline is to be understood.


Breadth on Waterline (BWL) : The maximum breadth of the Ship as measured from the outer hull on staboard side to the outer hull on the port side.


Draught (D) : The ship's draught D (also denoted by the letter ‘T') is defined as the vertical distance from the waterline to that point of the hull which is deepest within the water. The foremost draught DF and aftmost draught DA are normally the same when the ship is in the loaded condition.


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