Shipping terms and Abbreviation

a.a. Always afloat
A.B. American Bureau of Shipping Classification Society.
Ad valorem According to value.
A.P.T. Afterpeak tank.
A.R. Antwerp/Rotterdam ports range.
A.R.A. Antwerp/Rotterdam/Amsterdam ports range.
B.A. Buenos Aires.
B.A.C.A.T. Barge aboard Catamaran.
b.b. below bridges.
b.d.i. Both days included.
Back Freight Freight incurred through cargo being returned from destination port.
B.H. Bordeaux/Hamburg ports range.
B/H Bill of Health.
B.K. Bar Keel.
B/L Bill of Lading.
B.N.A. British North Atlantic.
Bonded warehouse Accommodation under Customs' surveillance housing highly dutiable cargoes.
B.O.T.B. British Overseas Trade Board.
Breaking Bulk Commencing discharge.
Broken Stowage Space wasted in a ship's hold by stowage of uneven packages.
B.T.N. Brussels Tariff Nomenclature.
B.V. Bureau Veritas (French Ship) classification society.
C.A.D. Cash against documents or cash after delivery.
C.A.N. Customs assignment number.
C.A.P. Common Agricultural Policy.
Cargo plan Plan depicting space in a ship available for cargo.
C.B. Container base.
C.&F. Cost and freight.
C.I.F. Cost, insurance, freight.
C.I.F.&E. Cost, insurance, freight & exchange.
C.I.F.C.I. Cost, insurance, freight, commission & interest.
C.I.M. International convention for conveyance of goods by rail, operative in the main in Europe.
Closing date Latest date cargo accepted for shipment by shipowner for specified sailing.
C.O.D. Cash on delivery.
C.O.G.S.A. Carriage of Good's by Sea Act.
C.O.P. Custom of Port.
C/P Charter Party.
C.p.d. Charters pays dues.
C.S.D. Closed shelter deck vessel.
C.T.L. Constructive total loss.
D.B.B. Deals, battens & boards.
D.B.E.A.T.S. Despatch, payable both ends all time saved.
D.B.E.L.T.S. Desptach; payable both ends on laytime saved.
D.d. Delivered docks.
D.D.A. Duty deposit account.
D.D.O. Despatch, money payable discharging only.
Dead freight Space booked by shipper but not used.
Demurrage Money paid by charterer to shipowner for delay in loading or discharging of cargo as scheduled in charter party.
Despatch Money paid by shipowner to charterer for earlier loading or discharging of cargo as scheduled in charter party.
D.F. Direction finder.
Disembarkation Process of passengers leaving a vessel.
D.L.O. Despatch, money payable loading only.
D. 1/2.D. Despatch, money payable at half demurrage rate.
D.O.T. Department of Trade.
D.S.R.K. Deutsche Schiffs Revision und Klassifikation, (German ship) classification society.
D.T. Deep tank.
D.W.T. Deadweight tons.
E.C.A. Economic Co-operation Administration.
E.C.C. Exchange control copy.
E.C.C.P. East coast coal port.
E.C.G.D. Export credit guarantee department.
Embarkation Process of passengers joining a ship.
E.S.D. Echo sounding device.
Ex works Exports sold free of any transport, insurance and freight charges.
F.a.a. Free of all average.
F.A.S. Free alongside.
F.C. & S. Free of capture & seizure.
F.C.L' Full container load.
F.D. Free despatch.
f.f.a. Free from alongside.
F.I.O. Free in and out.
F.O. Free overside.
F.O.B. Free on board.
F.O.R. Free on rail.
F.O.W. First open water or free on wagon.
F.P.A. Free of particular average.
F.P.T. Fore peak tank.
Fwd. Forward.
G.A. General average.
G.A.C. General average contribution.
G.C.B.S. General Council of British Shipping.
G.L. Germanisher Lloyd (German ship) classification society.
G.R.T. Gross registered tons.
G.S.S.L. Ports of Genoa, Savona, Spezia & Leghorn.
G.S.S.L.N.C.V. Ports of Genoa, Savona, Spezia, Leghorn, Naples, Civetta and Vecchia.
G.V. Grande vitesse.
H H. Havre/Hamburg ports range.
H.R. Hellenic Register of (Greek) Shipping classification society.
H.H.D.W.S. Heavy handy deadweight scrap.
H.W.O.S.T. High Water Ordinary Spring Tide.
I.C.D. Inland clearance depot.
I.C.S. International Chamber of Shipping.
I.D. Import duty.
I.D.A. Import Duty Act.
I.M.C.O.     Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization.
In Bond     Goods liable for customs duty.
I.S.O.     International Standards Organization.
I.W.A.     International wheat agreement.
J.R.     Jugoslav Register (Yugoslavian ship) classification society.
L.A.S.H.     Lighter aboard ship
Laydays     Period allotted in charter party for loading/discharging cargo.
Lo/Lo     Lift on - lift off.
L.L.     Load line.
L.R.     Lloyds Register classification society.
L.C.L.     Less than container load.
L.M.C.     Lloyds machinery certificate.
L.N.G.     Liquified natural gas carrier.
L.P.G.     Liquid petroleum gas.
L.O.C.O.     Goods price includes packing and transport.
L.W.O.S.T.  Low Water Ordinary Spring Tide.
Manifest     Inventory of cargo on board a ship.
M.S.A.     Merchant Shipping Act, or Mutual Security Agency (U.S.A.)
M.L.     Motor launch.
M.V.     Motor vessel.
N.A.A.     Not always afloat.
N.A.A.B.S.A.  Not always afloat but safe aground.
N.J.     New Jason clause.
N.K.     Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Japanese ship) classification society.
Northern Range  U.S. ports of Norfolk, Va., Newport News, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Boston and Portland Me.
N.R.T.     Net Registered tons.
N.S.     No sparring.
N.V.     Norske Veritas (Norwegian ship) classification society.
O.B.O.'s     Oil/bulk/ore carriers.
O.E.C.     Overpaid entry certificate.
O.E.C.D.     Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development.
O/O Oil/ore carrier.
O.S.D. Open shelter deck.
Out shipment Passengers/cargo refused shipment as vessel already fully loaded.
P.C. Passenger Certificate.
P.&I. Protection & Indemnity.
P.I.M. International Goods Regulations, governing conveyance of goods by rail in Europe.
P.R. Polish Register (Polish ship) classification society.
Pro rata freight Freight charged on proportion of voyage completed.
P.S. Paddle steamer.
P.T.L. Partial total loss.
P.V. Petite vitesse.
Roads Ports of Hampton Roads, (Norfolk, Newport News & Sewells Point)
R.D.R. Radar.
Receiving date Date from which cargo accepted for shipment by specified sailing.
R.I. Registro Italiano (Italian ship) classification society.
R.O.B. Remaining on Board (cargo/fuel).
Ro/Ro Roll on - Roll off type of vessel.
R.S. Register of Shipping of the U.S.S.R.
Shut out Cargo refused shipment because it arrived after closing date.
S.H.Inc. Sundays & Holidays included.
S.I.P.T.R.O. Simplification of International Trade Procedures Board.
S.I.T.C. Standard International Trade Classification.
S.O.L.A.S. Safety of life at sea.
S.S. Steamship.
Stowage plan Plan depicting location of cargo stowed in a ship.
S.W.L. Safe working load.
T.B.N. To be nominated.
T.C. Time charter.
T.I.R. Transport International Routier (Customs Convention).
T.L.O. Total loss only.
T.S.S. Turbine steamship.
U.K.H.H. United Kingdom & Havre/Hamburg ports range.
U.L.C.C. Ultra large crude carrier.
U.N.C.T.A.D. United Nations Conference on Trade & Development.
U.S.M.C. United States Maritime Commission.
U.S.N.H. United States, north of Cape Haeteras (ports).
V.A.T. Value Added Tax.
V.L.C.C. Very large crude carrier.
Weather working days Days on which - weather permitting - cargo may be loaded/discharged under charter party terms.
W.W.D.S.H.E.X. Weather Working Days Sundays & Holidays excepted.
Y.A.R. York Antwerp rules.


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