Sailing Gear Material its Characteristics and Choosing Sailing Clothes.

Sailing Gear Material and Characteristics :

Sailing clothes are designed such that they meet the demands of the sport they are to be used for.

There are various kinds of designs and manufacturing of sailing clothes with various combinations of qualities and characteristics like waterproof, breathability, comfort and durability based on the conditions and their intended uses.

Some of the materials used in manufacture of Good quality Sail clothes are :

Taslon Nylon Oxford - Soft like cotton.

Taslon Nylon - Softer than Taslon Nylon Oxford .

Cordura - Rougher texture and is mostly used for reinforcement such as in elbows, knees and seats.

Neorepene -Used to absorb water and maintain body temperature and provide comfort . Used for manufacture of wet suits.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) - Has high durability and abrasion resistance.PVC coating on the sail clothes helps in eliminating the possibility of water passing through the fabric as the PVC is water-impermeable. It is mostly used on Clothes such as Fishermen gear which has more chances of coming in contact of fish blood and grease.

Polyurethane (PU) - It's a synthetic polymer which is more lighter and flexible than PVC. It is mostly used on the inside of the sail clothes to prevent water ingress through the clothes.

Choosing Sailing Clothes :

During sailing the crew should always stay dry and warm. Loss of body heat would lead to hypothermia which is one of the dangers mostly faced during sailing. A person exposed to cold for a prolonged period would tire out very quickly. It is seen at many instances that even a person who is fit and very experienced wearing regular clothing will lose consciousness within two or three hours after being immersed in water below  17 degree Celsius. Hence it is of utmost importance that the crew of a sail boat needs to pay attention to the choice of the clothing to prevent occurrence of hypothermia. While choosing on sail clothes you may consider the following :

·         Wear many thin layers of clothing.

·         Base and mid layers should be fleece and fibre pile garments which helps in trapping the warm air and provides quick drying comfort.

·         Outer layer worn should be for cull weather use and should be made of breathable fabrics which will help in transmitting sweat to outside.

·         Use bright colours with retro-reflective stripes.

·         Heads, Hands and feet should also be protected suitably by use of hat, Gloves and Footware. All these should be appropriate type for use as sailing Gear.

Identifying a Good Sailing Gear based on your requirements such as:

·         The type of weather you are expected to encounter and the number of times in each season you would be likely wearing the gear.

·         If your activity is limited to a few days trip in fair weather it would be advisable to purchase a light breathable gear.

·         If you plan a long distance racing or cruising or if the local weather conditions are tougher it would be advisable to invest in an offshore gear.


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